Discover top vacancies

Access live vacancies posted daily in the UK, and earn bounties by recommending the right match for each vacancy


Discover top talent

Get in direct touch with our network of specialist Headhunters, name your Bounty and find your perfect hire


Refer a friend

Recommend a friend for an open position and earn a Bounty!

Step 1

Employer posts Vacancy, Bounty and deadline onto our Platform along with a few other details

Step 2

Headhunters & Individuals are alerted to pitch suitable candidates using our cutting-edge compatibility technology, providing scoring for candidates

Step 3

Employer reviews all candidate results, successfully hires and pays Bounty

Easy to Use

It’s easy to get started! Simply register your details with us, log on and we will guide you through the whole process with our straightforward online platform.

The great thing about our pricing is that it’s clear. Employers only pay the agreed Bounty to the Headhunter or Individual on success. What our users love about our service is that there are no membership fees, minimum term contracts or joining fees.

For Employers

  • Recruit top talent using our compatibility technology
  • You name the Bounty
  • Only pay on success. No joining or membersbip fees. (Pay as you go!)
  • Easy, safe and safe to use!

For Headhunters & Individuals

  • Direct access to live vacancies, at your convenience
  • You can focus purely on finding the right person for the job, allowing you to capitalise on your network.
  • No joining or membership fees. Our service is completely free to use!
  • Easy, safe and efficient to use!